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As the end of the year approaches, the board, staff and volunteers here at the Women's Resource Center have been reflecting on the difference you have made through your past contributions. We would like to share a story of just one of the over 1,300 women you have helped this year.

Jody scooped her sleeping son up in her arms, walked swiftly toward the front of the house, and gently placed her ear to the outside door. Several seconds passed as she listened intently to determine if it was safe enough to leave. Her husband had forgotten to take her purse with him, as he usually did to prevent her escape. Her son began to stretch and open his eyes. This was it, the time was now. She had to escape before her husband realized his mistake, and before her son let out a groggy cry. She carefully turned the knob, pulled open the door, slipped outside…and then she began to run!

Jody and her son escaped with the clothes on their backs, the contents of her purse, and a vehicle to take them far away. With the help of a good friend, they arrived in Durango late at night and checked into the local women's shelter. The next morning, Jody began working feverishly toward their new life.

In the six months since Jody's escape, the Women's Resource Center has helped her obtain health insurance, find affordable housing, enroll her son in childcare, secure employment, put food on the table, pay her car insurance, and seek the mental health assistance that she needs to heal from the domestic violence she endured. Jody has a tenacious work ethic and has used her drive to persistently move forward and find the resources she needs to create a life that is safe, joyous and free.

"To stay positive, even with the challenges I'm facing, I simply have to remember that I'm lucky to be alive."

~ Jody

You've already made a difference in the lives of many women like Jody, and we need your help to keep the momentum going. Please consider donating to our Annual Campaign, which supports the eight different programs we provide that advocate, educate, and empower women and girls (and a few men) right here in La Plata County.

We share your desire to give everyone in the community the opportunity to be productive, self-sufficient…and ultimately thrive!

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