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When the love of her life began abusing her, it was difficult to recognize and comprehend, and Candice was never one to give up on someone she loved. It started with a snide comment about what she was wearing to dinner one evening, and it ended two years later with sexual assault. She tried to leave multiple times, but he always found where she was hiding. Candice knew she had to move out of state if she was to have any chance at a normal life.

When she arrived in Durango, she had the will to survive, the drive to keep going and a business idea that she thought would succeed. Through the Women’s Resource Center, Candice accessed resources for food, shelter, and therapy. She took advantage of our free small business consultations and received funding to launch her new business venture. She is now in a healthy, stable environment, has a successful business in town, and has become an inspiration to other women who are in crisis.